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Texas High School Football – You have to love it!

Late last night I was checking MyFoxAustin for possible school closings for today. The only school district to post a comment was Lake Travis ISD. The posting pointed out that there will be early release tomorrow for all grades due to the possible bad weather, BUT the Lake Travis High School football playoff game was still scheduled.

You have to love Texas High School Football – it never gets canceled. Not for bad weather, not for H1N1, never closes.

Rumors Persist Around Google Buying Twitter – Somehow, I Have my Doubts

twitterSee this TechCrunch article for more detail on Google and Twitter …

If you stop and think about this, it just makes sense to some
degree. Google dominates in the area of search. But they don’t do
‘real-time’ search of conversations and that’s where Twitter is strong.
If you haven’t used the
— do so and you’ll see the power of this new era. Type a few keywords
in and watch as it updates for you in real-time, listing the Twitter
conversations going on with those keywords.

We’ll see… rumors are rumors.  But just because it makes sense to a
bunch of bloggers doesn’t mean it will happen.  Personally, I’d like to
see it occur provided Google doesn’t sit on Twitter like it did Blogger
and slow the development of the platform.  But I have my doubts Google
will make the leap because there is so much in flux right now. New
developments in social media and social networking tools are happening
almost weekly from startups and the majors.

For example, where does FriendFeed fit into the picture with their
announcements this coming Monday (April 6th) for major changes?  I’m
personally more interested in these developments because it’s a more
powerful communication tool then Twitter.  And what will Facebook do? 
My goodness; there are so many changes occurring in the social tools
space that 2009 is an exciting year of unpredictable change for most of
us. Hardly a new concept though considering the last few years, but
that’s another more philosophic topic.

Robert Scoble
seems to be leaning away from the idea that Google would buy Twitter.
As you know, opinions are like noses, everyone has one. What do you
think?  Kara Swisher is reporting that there is no Google deal under discussion to buy Twitter.


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Discussion with Bruce Clay and Mike McDonald about Behaviorial Search at SES NY 2009

Mike McDonald of WebProNews sat down with Bruce Clay on camera at Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York and discussed behavioral search or as Bruce calls it personalized search. The video is under 15 minutes and is worth grabbing a cup of coffee and watching.   Bruce also discusses how his new free tools and SEMToolBar will help you faciliate behavioral category of the query as well as allowing you to do proxy serving of the query.



Tell us what you think of the video by posting your comments below.