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SES Chicago 2009 – December 7-11, 2009

Keynote speakers this year for SES Chicago are Jeff Jarvis (Author of What Would Google Do?), Peter Morville (President Semantic Studios) and Dan Siroker (former Deputy New Media Director, Obama Presidential Transition and Founder, CarrotSticks).

Agenda Overview

SES Conference 12/7-9
Expo Hall 12/8-9
SEM Training 12/10
SEO Training 12/11

Link to the SES Chicago 2009 Conference.

Other helpful links for the SES conference:

Beginner Sessions will include:

  • Intro to Search Marketing
  • Search Analytics
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building Basics

Intermediate Sessions will include:

  • Meaningful SEO Metrics
  • Social Media: Small Voices, Big Impact
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Cool Mobile Apps

Advanced Sessions will include:

  • Search: A Real Time Paradigm?
  • Duplicate Content Issues
  • Advanced Paid Search
  • Bringing SEO In-House

This should be a great conference this year in Chicago.  With the Expo Hall and sessions, everyone attending the conference should walk away with some good networking contacts and information.  Don’t forget the networking starts at the bar at the Hilton!

Learning from Others – Countdown to SXSW2009

Dave EvansHere in Austin we have a social media guy who published a book in 2008 that is full of practical advice. His name is Dave Evans; his book is “Social Media,
An Hour a Day”. Fifty-five practical, hands-on exercises walk you
through a step-by-step process to an effective social media plan built
by you, for your organization.

Social Media Marketing

if you’re just getting started in social media,
consider getting yourself a copy of this book. You’ll find yourself on
firm ground as you focus on social media-based projects for yourself
and others.

Facebook Marketing Bible

Another book, this one an e-book, is a must have for understanding how Facebook works, especially from the perspective of marketing. “Facebook Marketing Bible
comes in PDF format. As Facebook is continually evolving, I recommend
getting the version that comes with updates. I refer to this little gem

Reading is learning and my next tip is more reading, this time a blog. Are you following the accelerated trends in use of smart phones? Better do that. Social media and social networking systems
that do not incorporate user engagement with smart phones are going to
miss the real boom coming soon. I know a mobile apps company with a
blog about trends in the mobile industry (versus talking about
themselves). You’ll want to follow these guys because they are backend
systems agnostic – meaning they don’t focus on just Microsoft or just Linux systems. They create mobile applications that work on all phones. Endeavour Software Technology is a very smart group of people. Add their blog to your RSS reader and you’ll stay current on mobile trends. Keep reading.  Keep learning.


Reposted with permission from ©2009

Tips from Tom – Be a Student and a Teacher – Countdown to SXSW2009

Another and very important way to always be learning is to always be
teaching. Have some tools at hand that you can quickly use to show
someone else how your social media site or social networking system
works. It’s called screencasting and below there are three fun and fast
tools that are worth some attention. These tools are invaluable for
helping people visualize how things actually work, especially when
you’re going for funding.
– works on PC and Mac. Simply amazing and completely worth paying for
the Pro version. I use it weekly and also assist my clients in its use. This
is a good tool to show employees and/or others how to use new features
in a system or how to explain/show a new idea to the inside group. One
example is demonstrating how to use a new tool to save time.

iShowU – Mac platform. Fast and easy. I haven’t used it but it looks promising.

– My favorite, but this one has a ’slightly’ higher learning curve then
the other two. But that’s ok right? You’re open to learning. What I
remind myself –compared to what it would take to create this screencast
using tools like Final Cut Pro, is a snap.  It produces
an extremely polished look and sound in the final results.

Ok, so have you looked into SXSW2009 to figure out what panels
you’re attending? I’m starting that process myself for Film and
Interactive. Think about it. Check it out. Help others learn how to be successful.


Reposted with permission from ©2009

Always be Creating – Always be Learning – Social Media/Social Marketing Tips – Count down to SXSW2009

Let’s start with right attitude of ABC and ABL. Always be creating and always always be learning.

The number of existing  web-based social media tools and new ones
being brought out each month can feel overwhelming. Ever visit Subscribe to that feed! And read
or Monitor them for tools that help you become more
aware of what’s possible with the systems you’re using. Tools like
Sharepoint, WordPress, Facebook, Google and others can make life easier
after surviving the learning curve! No you don’t have to learn them
all. Pick the ones that are worth exploring. Test them. Use them. Throw
out the ones that are of no value but remember to cycle back.

Watch how you dig in and justify that you know enough already.  Are
you saying – ‘no more’ I don’t need this social networking stuff? I
don’t have the time. I’m too busy. I can’t keep up anyway. Take notice
when you get into that line of thinking and just let it go. You’re not
in a Catch 22 situation. You CAN both learn and ‘be’ who you want to be
and have control over your time and what you share with others. I
remember when I worked for a major US corporation for 12 years all
through the 90’s and early 2000’s. I felt trapped. Middle management
was like being stuck. Can’t leave, paid too well. Can’t advance; not in
the inner circle.  Don’t have time; always too busy just trying to stay
even. Then… I got laid off.

Last night I watched Catch-22, the movie by Mike Nichols.  Take some
time and watch it again. Watch carefully for who gets out of the catch
22 and most importantly ‘why and how’ he did it.

Always be creating. Always be learning. These are your unalienable rights.


Reposted with permission from ©2009

Tom Parish on SXSW Podcasting Panel

I’m not sure when the panel event occurs. I’ll find out more shortly. In the meantime, I sure have some fascinating Podcasts to put up as part of the business Podcasting projects I’m doing with my clients.


To catch some recent news on Podcasting and Business, read this article “Serious Podcasting for Business” by Neville Hobson at He talks about some of the reactions to General Motors’ first experiment with Podcasting – and much more. There is a graph that shows the amazing growth that has occured just since November 2004.

All this isn’t completely new per se. While I was at Motorola, we created a corporate Internet radio show called the DigitalDNA Radio Program, and I helped produce more than 80 shows. We had a great team, so it wasn’t all me. I was the proponent, though, of using audio and I helped get the concept off the ground. That experience has made it easy for me to bring “Podcasting” to my corporate clients, and for that I’m grateful.  We interviewed some great people about the future of the wireless Internet. I should go dig some of those out of the archive.  But back then we didn’t have RSS, and that’s the ticket for making it easy for people to tune into your audio shows and easily take them with them in their portable MP3 players.

SXSW – Beyond Taxonomies – Is this like Pigeon English?

First session of the day – Beyond Taxonomies. This panel has a blog at

One of the motivations for this panel is to encourage people is to
participate in using and creating folksonomies for content at websites you visit.

Pretty heated discuss right out of the gate on what exactly does the word ‘folksonomies’ mean? How useful are these things like tags, technorati tags and tag clouds – really to people? Good question. But are rigid structures really all that helpful too?

How do we move beyond this issue of everyone tags that are related but named differently  — a big problem with free for all tagging mechanisms.

A new tool to explore is at – it can optionally monitor and record where you spend your time on the web and stores it into an OPML file. I’ve been meaning to check this out after hearing so much about this effort from the Gillmor Gang podcasts. (make mental note to test).

Great session with a lot of user participation.

SXSW audio made a fatal error. They had the speakers use a headset. It worked great for the guys but the women didn’t wear them. The used a headset for the audience to ask questions and all you could hear was a  thunder of popping Ps.  Cheap PC heads don’t make good microphones for this kind of panel sessions use.  I hope they didn’t this in all the sessions.




I'll Be at SXSW Interactive This Year – Will You?

I’ll be there –

One of the panel sessions on my A-list is the topic Beyond

I recently had an opportunity to speak with David Swedlow here in Austin.
With a little luck, I hope to get a podcast with him soon to really dig into
this topic.

If you haven’t signed up yet for SXSW, do consider going. It’s not like
any conference I’ve every attended. The atmosphere is very casual. Feels a
lot like college – people sitting in groups on the floor, talking. Lots
of stimulating discussions going on inside and outside the panels, on topics
from the edge of the Internet, at times.

There is no shortage of WiFi. I’ve been to conferences that didn’t even
have WiFi. Others did, but didn’t think about the loading issues, and as a
result the traffic just crawled. Not at SXSW … I don’t recall ever having
a problem last year, and we had a lot of folks moving media files around
during panels.

Downtown Austin is a fun place to visit if you haven’t ever been here. So
come on down and be at SXSW. I’m not on a panel this year and have no
affiliation. I just like attending, meeting new people and learning.


See You at Portable Media Expo

Hope to see you Nov. 11 and 12 at the Portable Media Expo and Podcasting
Conference 2005
in Ontario, California. I arrive Thursday afternoon and
am there until early Sunday morning.  Look for me Friday morning
on the panel about Podcasting as a Marketing Tool.  The rest of the
time, I’ll be roaming around the conference and letting those of you who
can’t attend in on what’s there.

I think it’s going to be an amazing event, full of learning, new
products, announcements, and … well, we shall see!

I plan on using ‘portable media expo’ as the Technorati keyword in my
blogging during the event.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


The Blogging Enterprise Conference – Nov. 2, 2005, Austin Texas

You’re going to want to attend this conference if you’re interested in
blogging and/or podcasting.  Reminds me of a mini-SXSW
event.  The Blogging
 is shaping up to be quite the conference right here in
our backyard in Austin Texas.

I’ve had a chance to help as an advisor for the conference. I’m excited
that one of my clients, BMC Software, is sending Mike Smith, their
global marketing and technology director who is deeply committed to
using blogs and podcasting for enterprise branding. 

Check out the current speaker
and you’ll see many well-known bloggers in the industry. 
And yes, I’m going to be speaking there.

Here is a summary of the 1-day event:

The Blogging Enterprise is a one-day conference that will explore
blogging, podcasting and video podcasting and their potential benefits and
value in building brands, educating prospects, making sales and
cultivating customer loyalty. Attendees will depart with new ideas and a
better sense of how to implement this new technology successfully,

  • What exactly are blogging, podcasting, video podcasting and Real
    Simple Syndication (RSS)?
  • How is this emerging technology impacting traditional media and
    marketing communications, etc? What are the legal implications?
  • How are companies using blogs to win and retain customers?
  • What are the critical factors for a successful blog strategy, and
    what lessons can be learned from the pioneers of enterprise
  • What is the best way to get started, and what is the future of
    blogging and podcasting?

Attendees will include corporate VPs, directors and managers of:

  • Marketing
  • Brand management
  • Sales
  • Corporate communications
  • Public relations
  • Public affairs
  • Customer communications
  • Internal communications
  • Investor relations
  • Customer service
  • IT
  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Web development

and …

  • Advertising and PR agency executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors exploring the space

Need more information? You’ll find Program, Speakers and Registration
information on our website. Or, e-mail