Facebook Updates Look to Compete with Twitter

Facebook Twitter ImageFacebook is undertaking a redesign of its page in an effort to keep up with the surging popularity of Twitter. While widely acknowledged as the leading professional networking engine, Facebook is concerned by Twitter’s recent success in guerilla/viral marketing, evidenced by its increased use by large corporations and celebrities.

Speed and ease of updates, along with functionality, are considered some of the keys to success for a social network site, and Facebook’s new page offers a clean layout, removal of the 5,000 contact limit and news updates in real-time. In an effort to become a broader tool, the page also breaks down the distinction between private profiles and public pages. That has led to concerns over uniform access to information that may be perfect for family yet inappropriate for office contacts. In response, Facebook offers filters for different sets of networking groups.

Twitter has attracted publicity and a niche crowd that would make any social networking site envious. Facebook’s recent update is seen as a move designed to counter being interpreted as a single focus site just for professional contacts.

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