What Is This Term 'Social Graph' People Are Babbling about?

Let’s explore that a bit, because part of the change we’re going to
see in 2009 and in a big way in 2010 is the evolution of social
networks to allow you to bring your social graph (meaning your social
connections) from place to place without have to start over every time.
(It’s optional, of course, so don’t let your mind get carried away with

Surely you’ve felt frustrated and even defeated at times with the
onerous task of rebuilding your identity and your friendships every
time you join a different system: LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google, MySpace,
Facebook and the list goes on. These days more and more of us have
constructed and are participating in social networks, and though that’s
rewarding it’s a hassle to access and update everything or share ideas
and news info with others in your ‘address book’ … your social graph.

But let’s do some base-setting here on what this social graph
term means and how it might apply to you as a user and as a business
owner, B2B and B2C. Here are two useful slide presentations to
illustrate these points. Many thanks to Robin Grant of “We Are Social”
for posting this originally and spurring my thinking. I’ve been wanting
to find a way to illustrate these concepts better to my community of

We’ll begin with Alisa Leonard-Hansen’s presentation What’s the Social Graph Got to Do with It?

And now let’s look at Jesse Pickard and Shiv Singh’s presentation, Portable Social Graphs – Imagining their Potential, using the example of Facebook Connect:

View more presentations from shivsingh.


OK, so you got that? Let’s take a look at some already-in-place implementations. Here is a list of ‘10 Great Implementations of Facebook Connect“.

Some are better than others. If you know of more, send me a note.


Reposted with permission from MarketsofConversation.com ©2009

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