Chris Brogan on Workflows – Social Media Pastor


Brogan BoxIf you’re not a regular follower of Chris Brogan,
let me suggest you either subscribe to his RSS feed or at least go to
his website periodically and scan through his postings. He is a
prodigious writer on topics of social media and social networking in a
manner that’s easy for everyone to understand. Chris published a series
of posts that talk about the idea of ‘workflow’ for a pastor, a teacher and a marketer.
Normally, I think of workflow as something you do in producing media.
Of course, the notion works fine from his perspective, which is to
highlight the use of various social media and social networking tools
that, let’s say, a contemporary pastor uses each day.

Here is part of his post on how Pastor Emilio uses social media:

“Emilio rises at six and starts coffee. His RSS reader
has many blogs to read, plus links to a ‘Bible in a Year’ website that
sends him daily updates. It’s no longer strange to be reading the Bible
in his RSS reader. It just feels like another way to connect. Emilio is
thinking of setting alerts for his community in general as well as for
specific issues facing the people in his congregation.

“Emilio has a personal blog for reflections and a website for his
church as well. Most recently, he’s added a section for using to show live sermons. Not that every house has a broadband
Internet connection, but if this is another way that someone who can’t
make it to the church can feel connected to the community, why not give
it a try?”

These posts show how anyone can use social media tools on the
Internet to be more connected with their constituents or clients or
prospects. When I say more connected I mean more ‘in’ the
conversation with them – listening and talking. There is little real
cost associated with using these tools these days (RSS, blogs, YouTube,
Facebook, Twitter … on and on), and there are so many choices now that
you can find social media tools specifically for your job and your
audience. For example, Emilio uses GodTube to post videos (he uses
YouTube also). It’s all a matter of revisioning how you apply your time
with these various tools (meaning your workflow).

So if you’ve been finding yourself resistant to exploring and then
using all these new tools you’ve been hearing about, go read Chris’
blog articles on how a pastor, a teacher and a marketer use them in
their daily lives to help them be more successful. It’s all about your
market and how you choose to have conversations with them in a way that
works for them as well as you.


Reposted with permission from ©2009

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