I have a Blog, Now What?

So you have a blog now and you’ve written your first few articles. What you want to do is start promoting your blog (sometimes referred to as an RSS feed).

To submit your RSS feed or weblog URL for maximum exposure and search engine visibility, you must get Robin Good’s Maximum ExpoRSSure – Best Blog Directory and RSS Submission Sites. 

This is an AMAZING collection of directories and online aggregators of RSS feeds. Though Robin gives you a very generous sample of sites from his Ebook for free on his website, you truly must purchase his Ebook as it’s only a whopping $5.55.

I’m in the process of creating a “how-to” paper on this topic for my business clients. You can be sure I’m going to include this link to the lite version and encourage folks to purchase this ebook.

One point I want to make is be sure to use traditional SEO techniques for promoting your blog and blog articles. For example, LINK to your blog from other websites you own, and visa versa. Be sure to use keyword phrases in the title of your articles and in the articles themselves – this will bring you more targeted traffic.


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