Free Tutorial Information on RSS

Here is a good starting point for you… – Yahoo! has an excellent source of information on RSS and their goal is to make it easy to understand and accessible to everyone. They offer a free RSS reader online in your MY YAHOO area. Highly recommended.

Now here’s a very cool feature from Yahoo!: Create a custom feed to track anything that interests you via Yahoo! News Search. Pick a person (eg, “John Kerry“), a company (“Yahoo!“), or a specific topic (“Windsurfing“). Just type in your search terms, click the “Add-to My Yahoo!” button on the search results page and follow the simple instructions. My Yahoo! will pull the latest headlines from any site that mentions your topic and deliver them right to your page.

Learn more about RSS — Read the FAQ

Learn how to get your content on My Yahoo

BBC News Backgrounder on RSS with Related Links – why use RSS? Here is a free video tutorial from CNET along with a page of definitions and links to other articles. This is where I have my clients start their learning. EXCELLENT video tutorial that is less than 10 minutes and it covers everything you need to get started. great introductory article from Infoworld.  – website with a very complete background on the subject along with the technical bits. I found it useful. At the bottom of this tutorial is a helpful list of other references. The author encourages you to pass the information along, for free. more technical details on RSS and more How-Tos. useful link that covers the subject of content syndication and RSS feeds. audio-video presentation on RSS, but is basically a promotional tool to sell an ebook you have to buy to learn more. You can find the same information for free.

To find information about RSS yourself in Google, search with these phrases (use the quotation marks)

    “learn about RSS”


    “what is RSS”

    “how can I use RSS”


    “benefits of RSS”

… experiment and learn.  Take advantage of what’s already available on the Internet from people who want to help you for free as part of their community.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is Open-Source technology that was developed and given away for others to use and learn and improve the quality of their life.  It’s free. It’s not a proprietary standard cooked up by a big company or organization wanting you to pay them money to use it or learn about it. 

Knowledge and use of RSS is completely free so can find everything you need on the Internet without paying for it. Spread the word.



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