Direct Marketing with Blogs

Good’sĀ article covers a real-world example of a fellow marketer that illustrates the benefits of blogging to build web traffic in order to create new business. He compares blogging to classical direct-marketing techniques (hint, blast everyone you know with more email than they can read whether they want it or not anymore). Remember, blogs use an RSS feed that a person subscribes to, so you don’t have to visit the site to see a new article. And you don’t have to weed through a spam-filled email box with long newsletters filled with stuff you’re no longer interested in.

Blogs tend to have single articles on a specific topic and typically about a very current topic, versus something that occured a month ago.


“How to Use Blogs for Direct Marketing”

Personally, my web traffic has nearly tripled and I’m busier now than ever with new business. I’m currently not sending any emails to a list, though I believe that is important at timesĀ (though not as important as before blogging).

Comments are welcome here. I’m curious what you think and what your experiences are with blogging and marketing. If you’re just getting going in this area, shoot me a note. I’d like to hear what you think is necessary for success in blogging.


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