Blogroll for Tom Parish

I originally started with PLUCK, but as I’ve said before it’s slow and is tricky to load in Windows correctly.  I simply gave up trying to explain to someone over the phone how to use it.  The other disadvantage is you are tied to using the same PC you loaded it on if you want to stay current with your blog reading.

So back to It is always available via browser (any browser on any machine) anytime from any place and it always remembers what blog articles I read last.  I just love that. To me it’s like being able to use GMAIL anywhere, anytime, from any machine.  And Bloglines is fast and simple to use like Gmail (well, almost like Gmail).

So what blogs do I read? See my blogroll for a list of 74 blogs I consume usually daily. To me it’s like being able to roll my own cable TV channel selections.  Yes, I scan some of them and a few do need to be weeded out, but for the most part this is where I get a lot of the material that I reference.  If you are using BlogLines yourself and you find a blog that looks interesting while viewing my blogline, you can subscribe with one click. Very nice.  My list is pretty heavy on search engine optimization, search engine news, Podcasting, blogging, entertainment electronics and a few client blogs that I monitor. One favorite diversion, though, is Rohn Bayes’ Poetry Journey Blog.


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