Metrics for Your RSS Feeds

Keep in mind that creating usage metrics of RSS feeds is new territory.  It’s not as mature as, say, web metrics for web pages. 

“If you’re using RSS feeds in your marketing plan,” says Robin, “then you want to measure, quantify and analyze in depth the number of subscribers, their clickthrough rates and channel preferences.”  He adds that when you have many RSS feeds covering different content categories, analyzation is of vital importance for any online publisher producing and wanting to make money using blogs and RSS feeds.

Because blogs and RSS feeds are relatively new, it’s imperative to start paying attention to how you can employ a process for measuring traffic and usage patterns at your website. Robin’s interview will help you understand the value of blogs and RSS feeds as communication channels.

Robin will be reporting his own testing results soon. The MP3 audio interview with Stuart Watson of SyndicateIQ is 17 minutes and well worth the time. I’m still learning and testing ideas for measuring the effectiveness of RSS myself, so I’m keenly interested in Robin’s work.


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