Apple Releases OS4 for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch

Mr. Apple himself, Tom Parish, breaks down “Apple’s release of OS4 for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.” Thanks Tom for taking the time to share this article. -Bill

Avinash Birnale provides a useful overview with some analysis of the lastest ‘Tent Pole’ additions for the iPhone and soon the iPad running OS4, all recently announced by Apple. He covers the following changes or ‘tent poles’, as Apple calls them, because these features are really more a set of APIs that will be used by Apple developers in ways I’m sure even Apple hasn’t  dreamed up. And that’s the power of working with creative technical types.

  • Multitasking Support
  • True Enterprise Support
  • Local Push Notifications
  • New Addition – Game Center
  • After iBook, now iAd!

Avinash covers some good news and the not-so-good news. For example, the new OS4 upgrade will not be coming to the older iTouch and first-generation iPhones. The second-generation iPhones will get an upgrade, but no multitasking. The 3Gs will have the full upgrade (lucky me).

The iPad will get the OS4 upgrade this fall. I’m somewhat bummed about that as I’m looking forward to these new capabilities in the iPad, which I’m using more and more each day.

Avinash downloaded the SDK and BETA firmware upgrade where he observed some crashes and one instance of things freezing up. Well, we all know how it goes. It’s going to take some time to sort out some of the bugs before  fully testing and then delivering apps with  this rich new array of APIs.

Avinash also mentioned something I did not know:

“I did the firmware upgrade on my iPod Touch (2G). It has a nice home screen, enhanced folder feature on the menu icons and nice iPod features to create my own playlist, folder view of the playlist! I like it :)

He has a follow-up article where he talks more about additional technical aspects of the OS4 upgrades from a developer’s perspective. This is where I think things get more interesting. It’s the developers that work with these tools on a daily basis and really know what’s possible with enterprise mobility. It gets complicated fast when you work in the enterprise arena where apps have to be ported to multiple smartphones, and services are being accessed from a combination of public and private  clouds. It’s important to step back and ask myself what am I wanting to accomplish and will it be perceived as a benefit to the business. Helps to work with people who have done this before too.

Reminds me of when I was a kid and the skate arena guy would say, “OK, it is guys and girls. Now pick a partner for this tune.” Yeah … pick your partner but make sure they can stand up without falling. That skating arena was tricky.

OK, back to work.


Tell us what you think about Apples’s new OS4 release…

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