Amazon's A9 Launches Visual Yellow Pages


“A9’s new offering works much like other online Yellow Page directories. You can search by business name or category, and get a list of results that are near your current location, with each identified with an icon on a map. Click on a listing for a business, though, and the results are very different than what you see with other services.

In addition to basic business information, you also see a photograph of the business storefront. Beneath this is a series of thumbnail images showing other buildings on either side of the business. Click any of these thumbnails and the main image changes as well. By clicking sequential images, you’re effectively ‘moving’ along the street, seeing businesses just as you would if you were walking down the street.”

You’ll want to read the article by Chris Sherman “Amazon A9 Launches Visual Yellow Pages” for all the details.  It’s an excellent article.

I just tried searching for “Optical” in A9 after giving it my local address. A9 came back with 7 businesses near my home, and most of them have pictures of their location. Wow, this means when I’m driving to the shops, I’ll have a visual fix on what the building looks like and the surrounding area. That’s amazing. How do they do that?  Read Sherman’s story to learn how A9 gathered 20 million photos in just a few weeks.

Remember, the search results from A9 largerly come from Google. Of course, Amazon adds some of  their own, but your ranking in A9 will pretty much parallel your ranking in Google.

This new feature of a visual Yellow Pages is rather exciting and very different from Google. I’ve already been recommending to all my SEO clients who use a website for their local business to list in


Local Google

Local Yahoo


And now, here is where you go to update your business listing in A9.  I’ll have more on this after I tinker with it some.


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