Podcast Promotion

If you have a Podcast then you’ll have a URL for your RSS2.0 feed. For
example I have a Podcast program that I produce at
http://www.talkingportraits.com and my RSS2.0 URL for that feed is

Now that you have your RSS2.0 you should get a couple of programs going
and uploaded or linked to your website that is for your Podcast, I’m
being vague here because I know the hosting of Podcasts can vary.
Regardless of how you host your program you will have and RSS2.0 feed
so, let’s start with that with the promotion tips.

Get Listed in Podcast Directories by adding your URL and waiting for
them to include your program. Be patient, some of these directories add
new programs manually. It can take a few days or longer. If you have a
webstats program of some kind, you can typically see when your site is
spidered by a Podcast Directory.

A good place to start is at www.Podcastingnews.com
You have to register as a user first. Then you can Add your Podcast.
There is a pretty good one page set of notes on how to  Promote Your Podcast  that is helpful.

You’ll also want to add yourself to the directory at www.Podcasting.Net and Adam Curry’s http://www.ipodder.org directory.

The a many more current list of Podcast Directories type this term into Google
Podcast Directory”  or click on this link and you can see the listing from Google directly.

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