Verizon iPhone to be available January 2011

The rumors are back in play that Verizon will be selling the iPhone in January 2011.  I hope Apple and Verizon have worked out the details to make this happen, because Apple is going to have to open up to the CDMA market in order to keep their smartphone sales moving strong.  With Google’s Android phones getting better with each release and being available on all three major US carriers, it’s only time before Google catches up with Apples Smartphone Platform Market Share.  comScore reported yesterday that Apple had 24.4% and Google had 13% of the market share for 3 Month Avg. Ending May 2010 compared to 3 Month Avg. Ending Feb. 2010 in the Top Smartphone Platforms.  With Apple releasing the iPhone 4 in late June and reporting that it sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s in just 3 days should put a big spike in Apples smartphone market share in June.  Google is releasing the Droid X July 15th, so that should put a small spike in it’s July smartphone market share, but it won’t be anything like the spike Apple will get when it finally starts selling the iPhone on Verizon.

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