Why are Smartphones so important to your businesses?

After running our internal mobile market share reports for DWI.com and DUI.com, we have found month-after-month that Apple has dominated our smartphone/mobile devices.  Each month the iPhone has been #1, the iPod/iTouch has been #2 and Android has been #3.  The interesting new player for us has been the iPad.  Since being released in April, it has been #5 on our mobile market share report, but it’s been getting closer and closer to the #4 BlackBerry.  I predict that my August report will have the iPad passing up all of our BlackBerry traffic.  Not to bad for the iPad considering you can’t make a phone call from it.  We also have found that iPad users average the most page views.   I’m sure this will be true for the Android Tablet as well when Google releases it later this year.  I believe that our next two big spikes in mobile traffic will be when the Android Tablet gets released in a few months and in January when Verizon starts selling the iPhone.

You might ask why is all of this important?

Well, we have noticed that more people want (and expect) to get everything from their smartphone/mobile device and if your website doesn’t work well for the major mobile players then your missing a great opportunity for new visitors.  Part of the marketing solutions we provide for our customers is to make your site not only visible on mobile devices, but make it work well for mobile devices.  After all, I bet you had your website put together to make a profit, not to chase off potential new customers and sales, because your website doesn’t work well from a smartphone.

It’s easy with Google Analytics or Omniture’s SiteCatalyst to find out how much mobile traffic your website actually receives and what mobile devices are actually visiting your website.  We have noticed that both Google and Omniture  are adding new reports in their mobile sections of their analytics programs.  This just proves that smartphone traffic is growing.

What does all this talk about Smartphones mean and why do I care?

Well if you don’t understand the importance of smartphones and how they can affect your businesses website then you should read the following article released from compete.com.  http://blog.compete.com/2010/07/06/local-search-social-networking-and-mobile-gaming-coming-of-age-on-mobile-devices/

Local Search on Smartphones Now a Powerful Lead Source for Businesses

Consumers increasingly rely on their mobile phones to search for retailers. Nearly one in three smartphone owners has called or stopped into a local business after finding it using a local search application. In Q1 alone, close to a third of Android and iPhone owners discovered at least two new businesses that they were not previously aware of as a result of using local search applications.

“With the increasing popularity of local search, retailers should ensure their sites are optimized for mobile browsers,” said Danielle Nohe, director, technology and entertainment for Compete. “Making it easy for consumers to discover businesses via their devices opens local companies up to a whole new customer demographic, and savvy businesses should make sure they’re maximizing this opportunity.”

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