Yahoo Turns Off Their Own Search Results And Turns On Bing’s Results

As of today all Yahoo organic search results are being delivered by Bing in US and Canada.

This morning when I was checking my Twitter feed I came across a tweet by Barry Schwartz about Yahoo Finally & Officially Gave Up On Search.  After reading his article at Search Engine Roundtable I quickly opened up Bing and Yahoo is separate tabs and did several searches.  Each of my searches had the same results on both Bing and Yahoo.  The only difference was Yahoo has kept (at least for now) it’s current look and feel in displaying the SERP.

So the organic search conversion is done for US and Canada searches.  Now we wait for the paid search results to merge.  It’s rumored it will be completed by September.  It needs to so everyone can get their Holiday PPC campaigns online.

Bing search results for dui attorney

Bing search results for dui attorney


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