A Simple Way to Avoid Bad Customer Support

Rule #1: Don’t give your clients a 600MB download to a program that isn’t compatible with the software they pay you to use each month for the past four years!

Rule #2: If your going to put the link on your clients page even though you know it won’t work for them, please put a big ole warning on the link that says “you have to get on a waiting to list to get your account updated before you can use the software!”

Today my hosted exchange server provider put a download link on my account page for Microsoft’s Outlook 2011 for Mac. Since Entourage isn’t going to be updated anymore from Microsoft, I went ahead and downloaded Outlook 2011 and started to configure it. This shouldn’t be a big deal — right?

Well it turns out Outlook 2011 won’t work with Exchange 2003.

When I called technical support they told me there is an easy solution for this, just get on the waiting list to have all of your profiles migrated to Exchange 2007 and then you can upgrade to the new version of Outlook or use Apple’s native email client to access your exchange email.

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