New Twitter list @tparish/enterpriseleadership-org – Interviewees

As host and overseer of the community I’m making some end of year changes to get us going for 2010. One rather fun update is building a Twitter list list of 21 amazing individuals who have been interviewed by me and Elizabeth Ferrarini.  The Twitter list widget sits on the home page and updates every 5 seconds and cycles through Tweets from 21 people we’ve interviewed. Special thanks to Elizabeth for pulling all the Twitter addresses together from our community of interviewees in 2009. is a thought-leadership forum to help Global Fortune 1000 C-level executives improve their business impact of  information technology in delivering products and services to customers and other constituencies; enhancing improved business processes, and enabling of individual productivity and group productivity. The audience also includes IT executives from government agencies, healthcare organizations, large not-for-profits, and academic institutions.

Happy Holidays

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