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How long should a video be for Lead Generation?

Content Strategiest Tom Parish jumps in and answers the big question “How long should a video be on your web site for lead generation?”  Sometimes too much information kills the lead generation process. – Bill Useful links: Twistage •  YouTube I get asked this question by clients, and I’ve been curious about it for some time. […]

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I have a Blog, Now What?

So you have a blog now and you’ve written your first few articles. What you want to do is start promoting your blog (sometimes referred to as an RSS feed). To submit your RSS feed or weblog URL for maximum exposure and search engine visibility, you must get Robin Good’s Maximum ExpoRSSure – Best Blog […]

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What is RSS? Learn about RSS Feeds.

I find the term “RSS” (or RSS feed) is quite the buzz now in conversations with business clients wanting more exposure on the Internet.  This is because we’re all talking about using blogs for business.  Every blog has the ability to syndicate articles (written in HTML) via this RSS protocol to directories that aggregate RSS feeds, search engines, […]

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Source for New Articles – RSS Resources for Webmasters

By creating a niche resource, webmasters are viewed as industry experts and their websites are more likely to receive incoming directory links. A number of publishers provide free content, the only stipulation being that the webmaster serving the content must include the author resource box. Webmasters utilizing free content can easily create portals teeming with […]

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Free Tutorial Information on RSS

Here is a good starting point for you… – Yahoo! has an excellent source of information on RSS and their goal is to make it easy to understand and accessible to everyone. They offer a free RSS reader online in your MY YAHOO area. Highly recommended. Now here’s a very cool feature from Yahoo!: Create […]

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Direct Marketing with Blogs

Good’s article covers a real-world example of a fellow marketer that illustrates the benefits of blogging to build web traffic in order to create new business. He compares blogging to classical direct-marketing techniques (hint, blast everyone you know with more email than they can read whether they want it or not anymore). Remember, blogs use an […]

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Video Blogging Example

World on Fire. Go here to watch and listen: This is a POWERFUL example of what peer-casting can be like. It’s also an example of how one person can bring about a new way of thinking about the money we spend in the United States and how we could do it differently.  Though I […]

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Customized Business Blog Strategies for 2005

I’ve received numerous calls and emails recently about how a business owner or corporate manager can get set up with a blog and get it widely promoted on the web.  After spending a lot of one-on-one time with our clients on this topic, it occurred to me to have 4WebResults create a comprehensive business blog […]

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What is Podcasting?

This is from a Wikipedia (free encyclopedia) at — clip … Podcasting is different from broadcasting and web casting in that it “casts” audio not by a mechanism of centrally pushing audio out to listeners, but by the mechanism of the (distributed) listeners pulling (downloading) the audio files automatically. Podcasters publish (or “podcast”) audio […]

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Spray-and-Pray Advertising

Marketing people know this down deep inside, but are afraid to admit it. If they did, they would lose their budget. So they keep doing the same thing over and over, trying to make it look good. You know how it goes for broadcasters? Ninety-nine percent of the people who hear a 30-second radio ad […]

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