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Blogroll for Tom Parish

I originally started with PLUCK, but as I’ve said before it’s slow and is tricky to load in Windows correctly.  I simply gave up trying to explain to someone over the phone how to use it.  The other disadvantage is you are tied to using the same PC you loaded it on if you want to […]

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Industry Solutions with RSS

The vendor is FEEDFORALL. They make a software product for you to create a custom RSS Feed and place it on your website.  Although I’m excited about its potential and think their marketing is excellent, I am not real impressed with the software – yet.  It’s buggy, and the vendor did not respond to my […]

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Metrics for Your RSS Feeds

Keep in mind that creating usage metrics of RSS feeds is new territory.  It’s not as mature as, say, web metrics for web pages.  “If you’re using RSS feeds in your marketing plan,” says Robin, “then you want to measure, quantify and analyze in depth the number of subscribers, their clickthrough rates and channel preferences.”  He […]

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New E-Book on RSS by Rok Hrastnik

A new E-book on RSS is available from Rok Hrastnik. This one isn’t full of hype and promise of domination with RSS, or instant riches, or instant search-engine ranking; it’s just good, solid, practical information. The title is “Unleash the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS.” A modest title considering this ebook has more than 500 […]

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Free Internet Information Tracking Tools

So what’s all this good for? Alerts and instant notifications Monitor where your name or campany is being used on the Internet Keyword ranking in search engines for your website pages Competitor watch – blogs,  formal news channels and newsgroups Website downtime Check out the links to these mostly free online resources: Tom

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Podcast Promotion

If you have a Podcast then you’ll have a URL for your RSS2.0 feed. For example I have a Podcast program that I produce at and my RSS2.0 URL for that feed is Now that you have your RSS2.0 you should get a couple of programs going and uploaded or linked to your […]

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This concept has more than one of my clients excited. Here is a page from their website that explains what they do at a high level. Visit for details. What is edgeio? Anyone can publish content on edgeio. With an RSS-enabled website, you can publish items on your own site and then direct edgeio […]

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The RSS Blog – RSS News and Trends – Worth your Time

Looking for a single place to visit (or pull an RSS feed) that gives you the straight stuff on RSS news and trends? Here’s one that’s been around that I just found – special thanks to Marjolein Hoekstra for this find. The RSS Blog by Randy Charles Morin blogs about RSS, OPML and the XML […]

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The Rise in Use of RSS Feeds

I shepherd the search engine visibility of the site.  Currently, we’re running a survey to see how the audience wants to be informed about updates from the site. If you don’t see the image below CLICK TO SEE IT (sorry, blog weirdness today)   Keep in mind that the site is an information […]

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Why You Should Register Your RSS Feeds

There are 130+ directories that are ONLY for RSS feeds. When you register your RSS feed(s) in the directories, the directories go out and take a snapshot of each article or document – typically the title. In fact, they are always checking to see what’s new.  That’s the content that Google spiders; but after you’ve registered […]

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