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Internet Marketing Solutions for Businesses
4WebResults is based in Austin, Texas and is a division of eLawSystems Corporation

PO Box 684666 :: Austin, Texas 78768 :: (512) 879-9350

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We will be happy to schedule a time for your call to discuss your needs and requirements. Generally we can get back with you within 48 hours, depending on schedules. You’ll get personalized, professional attention.

We have optimized more than 200 websites in the last three years so I have quite a bit of personal experience with small- and medium-sized businesses, from practically every type of profit and non-profit entity wanting to be more visible on the Internet – and grow their business. If I was to name the one thing that most businesses completely overlook, it is the importance of exactly ‘what’ the traffic is supposed to do at the website during their first visit. There are only four actions to consider to gain your most-wanted result at the home page.

You want new traffic to … call you, email you, buy a product or download something (typically for free). Getting really clear on this will help you convert more of your existing traffic into sales.

When we work with you, I both teach and consult. You’ll learn how to convert traffic into your most-wanted result, as well as get more traffic to your site from free, pay-for-inclusion and pay-per-click search engines. Additionally, I have a number of advanced techniques I’ll give you (along with all the tools I use) so you can be successful on the Internet.

We are interested in speaking engagements for any size group, including teleconferencing, so feel free to contact me if you have a group interested in learning about search engine visibility.

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