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Free search engine tools and tips

So you want some free SEO tools and SEM tools that allow you to do your web site optimization quicker and easier.

  • Toolbars

    • ToolbarBrower:  ToolbarBrowser is a freeware project supported by Trellian Limited.  Browsers Supported:  Firefox, Internet Explorer
    • SEMToolBar:  SEMToolBar is provided by Bruce Clay, Inc. for free.  Browsers Supported:  Internet Explorer
  • Firefox Extensions

    • SEO for Firefox
      Shows you every SEO statistic within a Google Search
    • Download Embedded
      Download embedded media files –  YouTube, flash movies and more
    • LiveHTTPHeaders
      View HTTP headers of a page and from your browser
    • ColorZilla
      Fast tool for getting colors on a page – Big timesaver
    • Firebug
      Good tool for finding where your page is having  html/css issues (opportunities)
    • MeasureIt
      I have used MeasureIt for years –  it makes it real easy to get the exact measurements in an hurry – Big timesaver
    • Inbound Link Quality Extension
      This free SEO tool gives you ranking based on inbound links and their authority
    • SEO Link Analysis Script
      Link verification and deep analysis
    • SearchStatus
      Nice tool for quick information –  Alexa, Compete, Pagerank
    • Web Developer
      Edit and view CSS on the fly and also apply different stylesheets to different pages

ToolbarBrowser – Toolbar Manager, free Custom Toolbar Builder

is a free toolbar manager that allows you to custom build the toolbar to your likings.  We use this toolbar in at our office.  The toolbar gives you SEO tools, news, shopping or your favorite sites in one place.  The one thing I like about ToolbarBrowser is its ability to allow me to customize it to my needs.  You can also setup multiple clipboards in the Clipboard Manager.

Here are some the features of the Free ToolBarBrowser.  The best one I like is NO ADWARE, POPUPS, POP-UNDERS OR SPYWARE

    • Popup Blocking
    • Auto Form Filler
    • Highlight search text
    • Zoom in and Zoom Out
    • Search major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask etc..
    • Popularity Index (PI Rank), Google PR ™ and Alexa Rank ™
    • Wayback Machine – See how a website looked in the past
    • Clipboard Manager — Very nice !
    • Tabbed control to save toolbar space
    • Fully programmable with XML support
    • RSS feeds
    • Create your own toolbars
    • Add Toolbars to your web site
    • Standard IE buttons and links replacement to save browser space
    • Available in Dutch, English, French, German, Polish and Swedish
    • DOES NOT include any: Adware, Popups, Pop-unders or hidden Spyware.
    • Search Bar – Meta search most major search engines
    • Pay Per Click engine meta search toolbar
    • Links toolbar replacement to save browser toolbar space
    • Favorites toolbar for easy access to your favorite links
    • Search Engine Optimization toolbar loaded with SEO tools & features
    • Lots of other handy free custom toolbars…

Many thanks to David Warmuz at Trellian for supporting this free toolbar for the SEO community.  The one thing I love about this community is how willing everyone is to help each other.

DNS Stuff –

A lot awesome free DNS tools that allow you to do fast and accurate WHOIS and IPWHOIS lookups, as well as many many other DNS reports. Here is a list of some the nice free features on

    • DNS Lookup – Very nice to see if your DNS changes have been recoginzed on the internet.  You can lookup the A record, MX record, CNAME, record, NS, SOA, AAAA/IPv6, PTR, SOA, SRV, TXT information on any domain.
    • DNS Report – Checking for problems with DNS hosting.
    • DNS Timing – Check DNS hosting speed.
    • WHOIS Lookup
    • IPWHOIS Lookup
    • Abuse Lookup – Nice way of finding the abuse contact for a domain
    • Spam Database Lookup – Check to see if a mailserver has been flagged for sending spam.
    • Reverse DNS Lookup – Check to see if your IP has a reverse DNS entry setup
    • City From IP – Check to see what city and IP address is coming from
    • IP Information – Another IP lookup
    • Traceroute – Nice feature to see the trace route information come from another network.
    • Ping – Another nice feature.  You can ping a IP address from another network.
    • ISP Cached DNS Lookup – Check out the cached DNS at major ISP’s on any of the records.

I love using the online DNS tools on this site.  It make my life and the others that work with much easier.

Bruce Clay’s SEO Tool Set

Top of the list of indispensable tools for doing professional grade SEO work is Bruce Clay’s SEOToolSet. You can get free access to start out then step into the their for pay versions as you learn more about the tool set.  It’s best to just visit their site to learn the details.  If you haven’t heard of Bruce Clay yet, you will.  He runs one of the most visible and respected SEO firms in the business. Danny Sulivan went back and did the research and discovered that Bruce Clay was the one who coined the phrase “Search Engine Optimization“.

4WebResults uses their SEO tools religiously.  All the SEO tools are accessible via a web browser along with the data for each client. This way you don’t have to worry about keeping a PC version of the tools up to date – and you know how the SEO world is always changing.  It’s all done for you by their service.  Highly recommended.

One note, these tools are not for the faint hearted or ‘beginner do it yourself type’.  They are are powerful tools that need some training to use properly either through trial and error or their training department.  I personally attended one of their SEO Toolset traning courses and found it to be very helpful in not only using there SEO Tool Set, but getting a different perspective on how the search engines are seeing your web sites.  One question asked in the class was, “how do you know if you are creating something on your site that the search engines might consider to be SPAMMY“, Bruce Clays simple, but accurate response was “if you are trying to deceive the search engine or the visitor, then its SPAM“.

For more information on Bruce Clays SEO Tools, you can visit Bruce Clay’s corporate site at or visit his SEOToolSet site at

Keyword Density , Prominence & Placement Analyzer

Research your keywords and general page properties from an seo point of view. Show your keyword density and placement (prominence). The tools features options to show the page’s headers, page elements, outgoing links and more. It will warn you when it detects possible stopwords, adult words and ‘poisonwords’. This is one of my most favorite collections of web-based SEO tools. VERY complete and you can’t beat the price.

Professional SEO Tool –

    • Daily tracking of your URLs’:
      • PageRank™
      • Search Position
      • Link Popularity
      • Indexed Pages
      • Domain Popularity
      • Indexed Pages
    • Automated tracking of up to 15 URLs and keywords
    • Receive instant email alerts of any movements
    • Analysis and reports of up to 365 days worth of data
    • View graph and flat table reports of all stats
    • $10/Month – 30 day money back guarantee!

151 SEO Tools

Huge amount of SEO Tools at your disposal here…this is certainly worth a look. They’ve pointed out best tools of the month/year, you’ll want to look at those. Really, it couldn’t hurt to glance over everything on the page, they review the tools before posting them so you know you aren’t wasting your time with things that don’t work. 151 SEO Tools

Google Tool Bar

Just get it. You’ll be glad you did. It’s free and includes a pop-up blocker and a ton of other useful features to make search easier, faster, and more fun. You’ll find yourself using it to determine best sites for creating themed links to improve your website’s PageRank visibility. Ask Tom at 4WebResults for more details on linking strategies for your business. PageRank explained here. Google Tool Bar

Link Popularity Comparison Tool

Optimzing your page with keywords is only half the battle. You must develop a linking strategy from other websites and directories on the Internet. Write articles, publish an Ezine, create a blog, post in forums, submit Internet press releases.  Just get going and get creative. Use this tool to see how you compare to your competition. Got questions – call Tom at 512-692-7714. Free Link Popularity Tool

Special thanks to Web Promotion for making this tool available.

Search Engine Keyword Tracker & Keyword Ranking Tool

This utility can be used to check search engines for keyword ranking and track search engine ranking for your various keywords over time, which, as you probably know, is critical when doing search engine optimization. These guys (Digital Point Solution) have done an excellent job with this tool. RecommendedIn order to use this tool, you need to create a username and password ( which is completely free ). Because it tracks your data historically, they need to know which data is yours.Create Free Account Now Digital Point Solutions – Free Keyword Tracker and Ranking Tool

Search Engine Mega List

A complete list of search engines and directories with direct-add URL links. Very handy list of search engines worldwide, with links to manually add your domain. Recommended Search Engine Megalist

Search Engine Submission – Free

Free search engine submission service that we recommend.They also offer a Professional Search Engine Submission to 120 search engines for $29.95, which I endorse. You pay only ONCE and that’s the right answer – not monthly. Don’t get yourself hooked into paying monthly submissions fees. That’s just bonkers. Free Search Engine Submission

Lynx Viewer

This service allows web authors to see what their pages will look like (sort of) when viewed with Lynx, a text-mode web browser. Pretty darn handy. Lynx Viewer

Open a PPC Google Adwords Account

Create your google adwords account online but BE CAREFUL. It’s too easy. Read their guidelines and proceed slowly at first. Remember, no Popups on the pages your send people to. Google Adwords Account Setup

Create a PPC at Overture Account

Create your account at Overture Overture Account Setup

Knoodle Account Setup

Knoodle is a pay-per-click search engine like Overture, but the pricing is a lot less. They have relationships with ‘the other half’ of the users that don’t use Google. Great folks to work with and low keyword bids … for now. Knoodle Account Setup

HitsLinks Account Setup

Set up a new Hitslink account – this is how you measure and monitor traffic behavior at your site. Highly Recommended Hitslink Account Setup


The tool will give you an entirely new perspective, which will help you find the right keywords to drive more traffic to your site. It’s what all the pros use. Highly recommended, though has a learning curve. Experience with the tool helps. WordTracker

Alexa Web Search And WayBack Tool

Reviews traffic rankings and more for every site on the web! Alexa does this in association with Amazon.  Great location to learn about your competitors. The WayBack tool is down on the left-hand side of the page after you search on a domain. The WayBack tool allows you to see what your website looked like 5 years back. Yea, I know, amazing. It’s slow but worth the wait. Alexa Web Search and
WayBack tool

Information about Web Spiders

Lots and lots of good tools — free. Excellent site for learning more about search engine indexing and website promotion.

Spam-Proof Your Email Address

This page will generate a HTML encoded mailto link that is reasonably ‘spambot’ proof. Spambots crawl over websites looking for email addresses. When they find one they add it to their database for junk email. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Protect Your Email Address in web pages

Expert Search Engine Positioning Tools by Jonathan Leger

Free high-quality search engine optimization tools, techniques, online assistant, keyword selection, themed back-links tool, Google Ranking tool, back-link checker, doorway page generator and more. Recommend. Search Engine Optimization Tools

Web Server Uptime and Other Related Information

Use this link to determine the status of a web server, uptime and a ton of other pieces of useful information. I use it before meeting with my clients so I understand their server setup.  It is at Web Server Info and Uptime information

ISBN Numbers and E-Books

This is where you go to purchase a batch of ISBN numbers for your products. You’ll want this if you are selling your book or ebook at Amazon, Borders and other online outlets.  Here is another useful link with more background
Purchasing and Registering ISBN numbers

Tom’s Internet Biz Blog

This is my blog. Stories and experiences of a search engine visibility consultant in Austin, Texas – helping clients be successful with their website. You’ll find some valuable “How To’ articles on how to make your site more visible in the free and pay-per-click search engines, and ideas to help you think outside the box. Tom’sInternet
Biz Blog

Yahoo free add URL

Use this link to add your site for free to Yahoo. However, if you’re already in Google it’s likely your home page is in Yahoo. Additionally, Yahoo is in the midst of a lot of changes. They may change to pay-for-inclusion status, so be aware. Free Add URL – Yahoo

Directories (short list) – Free and Paid Listing – Free but takes a while. – $39
Gimpsy – $40
JoeAnt – $39
SuperPages – A free advertiser signup with profile. Worth doing.Remember to use the ADD URL tool above because you’ll find niche-specific directories for your website. Need help? Ask Tom Parish at 512-692-7714

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