No web traffic? Need more sales and leads from your website?

So you have a website with no web traffic and you need more sales and leads.  What’s the next step in increasing your web traffic?  Can you solve this problem in-house  or do you need to find a solution and find one fast?  Have you tried to increase your web traffic, but you have brought in web traffic that doesn’t convert?

Hear are some possible solutions to help increase your web traffic and to turn your visitors into more sales and leads.

First, you can create a Fan Page on Facebook.  This is easy to do and doesn’t require very much time.  Once you have the page setup, send invites to all of your Facebook Friends to join your Fan Page.  You will be surprised on how easy it is to get your friends to join your Fan Page.  This is an easy step to increase your web sites visibility and to send  traffic to your website.  You will want to add a link from your website to your Fan Page on Facebook.  This gives your visitors a chance to connect with you in a social network.  If you ever have a company announcement or a sale on your web site, you can post a message on your Fan Page and all of your Facebook Fan’s will see your message.

is an awesome way to spread your websites information through a universal feed.  FeedBurner also allows your visitors to get your latest updates via e-mail and RSS feed.  You even can monetize your feeds traffic with FeedBurner.  FeedBurner is another great tool that can increase your website traffic.

is another tool that is great for getting your message onto the web.  It’s real easy to setup a Twitter account and start posting.  Once you have your FeedBurner account setup, you can link your Twitter account to FeedBurner and it will automatically tweet your latest entries to your website for you.  Don’t forget to add a Twitter follow link to your website encouraging your visitors to follow you on Twitter.  Twitter is another great way to increase your website traffic.

Is your website packed with lots of good information about your business, your products, your services?  It’s not visible on the web, traffic to the site is minimal, and what traffic you do receive is not producing real results.  Lately, you’ve been considering a business blog, social media or maybe even a Podcast, FaceBook or Twitter account, but you’re just not sure how to get started.

You had hoped your web site would produce more calls for your service, or more leads for your sales people, or at least more downloads of your free newsletter, e-book or white paper.  You are now thinking…

  • What’s the deal?
  • Why am I not getting many leads, sales or telephone calls?
  • How do I add a business blog and utilize RSS feeds?
  • What is analytics and do I need it?
  • What is social media and how can it help me?
  • What is Twitter and FaceBook?
  • What else can I do to improve my web site’s visibility in all the major search engines?
  • How do I engage visitors and create committed communities of customers who come back and tell others about our products and services?
  • How do I make more money with my web site?
  • What is the right Internet marketing solution to accomplish this?
  • What is …?

All right, so how do you change this?

You either hire a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, or you learn how to do the work yourself.  A difficult choice to make when you don’t know where to get started.  Web site promotion and strategy sound expensive and time-consuming, but they don’t have to be.  Contact Bill Baker an Internet Marketing Specialist based in Austin, Texas to schedule a time to discuss your business needs on marketing your web site and learning how to make that first step safely.

Bill and his Internet Marketing Solutions team will guide you through the process of deciding on an approach, before you get confused with too much input from all the promises on the web for instant success.  It costs you nothing to ask for help, and you are under no obligation for further consultation calls.

Still not sure why search engine optimization is so important?

Consider this … what’s the first thing you usually do when you’re looking for a particular product or bit of information?  You pull up your favorite search engine and launch a quick search, right?

You most likely browse through the first couple pages of results, feeling satisfied that you found what’s out there.  You’d probably be stunned to know how many web sites your search did not turn up that offer precisely what you were looking for.

There are millions of web sites online, with billions of pages, and the number is growing daily.  The goal of most search engines is to win user loyalty by finding the sites most relevant to the user’s query, and to display the links to the best of these sites first.  They accomplish this by using a complex set of algorithms or rules, to index and grade web sites, including yours.  They keep their algorithms secret and change them often to make it difficult for web-masters to manipulate favorable search results.

Bill can get you started with the tasks of optimizing your website to create more traffic AND help you develop a plan to convert this new traffic into your most wanted web results:

  • more sales and clients,
  • more phone leads,
  • more on-line form leads,
  • more downloads,
  • more e-mail sign-ups
  • setup a business blog,
  • more calls for sales leads

Getting real results from the new traffic is the bottom line.  In today’s market you have to learn how to convert traffic into sales automatically, because if you don’t your competition will.  This takes a plan, time and patience.

Do you have a low budget?  Need some free SEO and SEM tools?

There are a lot of free SEO tools and SEM tools to be found on the Internet.  We have taken time to put a list together of free SEO tools and some paid SEO tool sets.  Visit our search engine tools page to find a list of some of the tools that we have used and recommend.  We update the list of optimization tools as we come across new tools, so visit the page often to find new gems.

Did you look at the free SEO tools and decide you want additional help?

But how in the world do you get started without spending a lot of money and how do you maintain some level of control?  Ask 4WebResults.  We can provide you with experienced and effective Internet marketing solutions for business growth – not just traffic.  The result you really want is more sales.